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Videos (New - being updated)

We are just starting to introduce a selection of onsite videos which will initially focus on various products to demonstrate and clarify our product quality.

Throughout the Year we will be introducing installation tips whilst we work towards a comprehensive video instruction manual to assist both Self Build Installations and basic training for our staff and subcontractors.

It is early days but feel free to share the link which is primarily

on youtube:

Click the image below or the link above.


Our metal towing brackets and ground anchoring system.


Metal Towing Frame 60mm Box: Basic walkthrough and setup procedure. Version 24x12.


16x10 Pent on wooden skids.

Heavy Duty Shed/Workshop.


Stable Complex.

We bolt up all our buildings, see where and what we use and why we do it.

Youtube link:


New 3 Bay Building in Shropshire.

Double Stable and Store Room

Click link below to view video.

Most recent walkthrough of a 20x10 shelter being constructed and the finished product.



Double stable an tack in Shropshire.


Recent installed building in Grantham, Lincs. 14x12 Pent style on galvanised metal towing frame, with Anti Chews.

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