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Country & Leisure don't necessarily have a SET range and spec for our products as they are highly customizable, however for simplicity we do have a minimum specification which is inclusive in any product or deal on offer.

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Anti Chews and windows

Why not consider upgrading your door furniture to give added protection to both the bottom door and the frame, especially the top part of the frame. Also vent style windows are available to any aspect of your building but normally on the front aspect.

Especially for that livery yard

These metal protectors are galvanized to give longevity. Without too high a cost.


Variety of Grilles available.

Socialising grilles allow the horses to see each other which is great for company however they cannot actually get at each other, the strong galvanized grille will take the impact of any heavy nudging.

Over hang can be lined with shiplap.

To gain that added finesse why not upgrade the overhang to include the shiplap finish. This overhang from the inside can also acts as a light weight shelf if need be.


Other optional extras can include:

Larger overhangs, 7ft 6" and 8ft eaves heights

Fully boarded walls in either OSB or Ply -Marine ply is a premium

Frame work in 4x2, 5x2 and even 6x2 if required

Frame cladding 19mm, Log-lap, and feather edge boards

All these and more are included in the optional extras on the relevant price lists.

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