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Budget Builds - May 2023 we are redesigning our budget builds and a new pricing strategy will be finalised very soon.

( Download PDF file - here)

Available again to our range of quality timber buildings comes a totally fresh and a totally different outlook to timber building design. This new limited range of buildings have been solely designed with a budget in mind and therefore it has been downgraded slightly in specification. The options and sizes are fairly restricted at present and continual improvements will be made available over the coming months.


Apex overhang

This is a version designed based on our popular quality Apex and overhang line, just its a little lower in height (1950mm to eaves), with a smaller 1 ft overhang and no panelling to the front - just posts so good enough we feel for smaller animals and ponies, but after all its available in 3 sizes so you can chose what best suits you.



As above just single sloping roof, no front panels just posts so full opening. We will offer 2 upgrades. (1) Metal towing skids (2) Lightweight stable base door only with a panelled frontage.


Tanalised cladding to trusses

We just reserve the right to clad the truss vertically rather than horizontally (STANDARD RANGE).


Stable door still robust

As budget builds is mostly about utilising excess stock materials so doors are still ply lined just may have a join and cladding is shiplap not T&G. Comes as standard with 20" T Hinges and padbolt and you can upgrade to the extras pack which is a kickover, cabin hook and anti chew for £30 more.

Size         Pent        Apex


10 x 12     £699      £779

10 x 16     £899      £999

10 x 20     £1199    £1299

10 x 24     £1299    £1399

Metal Skids       Stable type door


+£140             +£ 139

+£160             +£ 149

+£200             +£ 300 (2 door)

+£250             +£ 340 (2 door)



3x2(cls) framework, Tanalised shiplap cladding, onduline roof, 4x2 purlins, basic wooden skids , screwed together (Can be bolted as well at extra cost from £15-£25). Please note there are no boards included in this price. Add £18 per metal tow bracket (MIN 2 needed).


You can also add kickboard from £60 (10x12) - £90 (10x16) -£125 (24x12).


Stable type door is a medium weight door with galvanised T hinges and padbolt, it comes complete with a panelled frontage. You can upgrade each door with extra pack (chew strip, cain hook and kickover latch) for £30 per door(set).


DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION: As these buildings are much more lightweight it will be able to be delivered on a basic transit van allowing us to possible deliver (and assemble) at greater distances at a more affordable price. 4x4 and trailer can be offered as a delivery solution but this will come at a premium. As there is no bolting and as all components are precut with an added tolerance (slight gaps possible on kickboard joins though minor) there will be no need for a generator and therefore installation times kept to an absolute minimum. We will be restricted to enter fields when using a transit van so please discuss access issues as this can have quite an impact on installation costs.

Distance                     Delivery        + Assembly            + Assembly

Range from Wrexham  Only         10x12 and 10x16         20x10 version

Within 30 mins         from £75                £250                        £320

1 hour max              from £125              £270                        £360

1 + hour    - to be arranged

Stable door upgrades: If opting for a stable door upgrade on a double unit there is a premium charge of @ £135. This charge also applies if a trailer and 4x4 is required instead of a van or if a 3rd person is required *discuss with member of staff as to 3rd person option.

Email us now your requirements:

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